How to make $100 a day? 10 Legit Ways

Margaret Switzer: I am an experienced financial advisor and entrepreneur for the last 15 years. I have worked with multiple banks and business tycoons. I feel free to share how to make $100 a day through online platforms.

Thousands of Freelancers, Digital Marketers, YouTubers, Web Developers, Content Writers, and other skilled persons are making money online these days. The most common question in every mind is “How I can earn money online without any skill?” Don’t worry I will tell you 10 legit ways to make 100 dollars a day.

I know it’s the first need for every person to have a lot of money. Especially students and jobless peoples who are searching for free and zero investment online earning resources. So today I will share some of my personal methods to earn free money online.

1.How To Make $100 a Day By Taking Paid Surveys?

There are a hundred companies that offer you to take surveys and get paid. Be happy, because I will tell you the most trusted and legit websites that pay millions of dollars to their members every month.

Company Sign Up Bonus Min. Payout Threshold Eligible Countries Join Now
$5 $30 United States Join
$5 $5 United States Join
$10 $10 USA, Europe, Asia Join
$5 $10 USA, Australia, Canada Join

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is one of the most well-known paid survey sites that provide short surveys and in return, you will get dollars. You can get a $5 Bonus by just signing up and earn more dollars by continuing your work. The site offers you to watch videos and complete other tasks to earn free money on daily basis. When you complete $30 then you can withdraw money through PayPal, Check, Gift Card, and Visa. If you want to register then click below the picture.

Minimum Payout Threshold of Inbox Dollars = $30

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Life Points

If you want to earn money online every week then Life Points is the best option that you need to choose. Life Points is one of the highest paying survey sites that contain more than 3 million members. All the members are paid weekly or monthly through this legit network. You just need to do some simple steps for making money online.

Following are the steps to start earning dollars:

  • Click below the image and visits the website to sign up
  • Enter your original details
  • Must confirm your email after providing your personal data
  • Complete a short survey and start making money. That’s All

Minimum Payout Threshold of Life Points = 5500 Points (5500 Points approximately = $60)


Swagbucks is a paid survey website that provides you online surveys and then pays you for answering some questions. It is a full legit site that has 23K reviews on Google Play Store and about 21K in Apple App Store. If you are a jobless, student or searching for a part-time job then you should sign up for this legitimate paid survey website. You can click below the button to start the registration process.

Minimum Payout Threshold of Swagbucks = $25

Survey Junkie

According to my personal experience Survey Junkie is a 100% legit website that has more than 11 million members. It’s much easy to make money on this website, you have to register there and answer the asked questions. The website will pay for your opinions and you can withdraw them through PayPal, Cheque, or e-gift cards. Go and join the community of the Survey Junkie website by clicking the button below.

Minimum Payout Threshold of Survey Junkie = $10

2.How To Make $100 a Day From Google AdSense?

As a financial advisor, I loved to make dollars through Google AdSense. At present time I have earned $98000 that includes both YouTube and a blog earning. But know it’s your time, you have to take the right decision to start earning thousands of dollars. You have to do some simple things that are given below.

For a Blog Site: First of all, you need to buy a normal hosting service like Namecheap, Bluehost, and HostGator, etc. If you don’t have enough money to invest then you can also try free hosting service providers like 000webhost, Hostinger, Awardspace, and many more.

The next step is to purchase a domain from websites like GoDaddy, Namecheap, and HostGator, etc. Then you have to select the niche that has low competition so you can easily rank on google. Start posting content on the blog, you have to upload 25-30 posts before applying to the Google AdSense. After two to three months you have to apply for AdSense and I’m sure you will get 100% approval. Then connect AdSense to your blog and start earning.

For YouTube: Today millions of peoples are earning from YouTube through video monetization, you can also be one of them. Create your channel now and upload content with consistency to get eligible for monetization. You can easily make up to $1000 per month through YouTube video monetization.

You can double your earnings by choosing a high CPC niche. Here is the list of niches that provides you high CPC.

Statistics from SEMrush:

Insurance =                                       $ 17.55 CPC (Cost per Click)

Online Education =                         $ 12.08

Marketing & Advertising =            $ 6.45

Legal =                                               $ 6.11

Internet & Telecom =                     $ 4.96

Online Banking =                            $ 4.86

Home & Garden =                           $ 2.28

Automobile dealership =               $ 2.18

Jewelry =                                          $ 1.9

Beauty & Skincare =                      $ 1.86

Cryptocurrency =                           $ 1.85

Health & Fitness =                         $ 1.81

Travel =                                            $ 1.74

Real Estate =                                   $ 1.4

Fashion Retail =                             $ 1.23

Pharmaceuticals =                         $ 1.15

Electronics =                                  $ 0.73

3.How To make $100 a Day By Affiliate Marketing?

If you want to earn dollars and change your lifestyle then Affiliate Marketing will be the best option for you.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In easy words, affiliate marketing is a method where you have to promote the advertiser’s products through your own resources and will get extra commissions in return. You can easily make up to $1500-$2000 per week if you have a good traffic source.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing for beginners is a bit difficult task because they have not enough knowledge to present their product to the customers. But don’t worry, I will tell you how to become a good affiliate marketer. First, you need to join one of the top affiliate networks that are listed below:

Top Affiliate Networks in 2020:

  • ClickBank
  • Clickbooth
  • Maxbounty
  • ShareASale
  • Amazon Associates
  • AWIN
  • Flexoffers
  • Rakuten Advertising
  • Peerfly
  • CJ affiliate (Former Name = Commission Junction)

When you join one of these networks then start searching for the products that you have to promote on your social media, website, email marketing, or other allowed sources by the network. Then write an honest article review or make a landing page to put your affiliate link. Because Google and other social media platforms do not allow to promote affiliate link except Bing Ads. When people visit your site and purchase the product then you will get a commission on the sale.

My personal experience

I am working with ClickBank, Amazon Associates, and Maxbounty for the last 5 years. According to my experience,  you have to promote health offers like weight loss, and e-commerce products because these offers convert well and give a good commission that is $100 per sale.

4.Watch Videos & Earn Money

It’s the best option for lazy peoples or those who hate jobs like typing or reading articles. Now you can earn $100 daily by watching videos easily. Follow the steps:

  • First, sign up to Inbox Dollars by clicking below
  • Login to your account and find the list of videos to watch
  • Inbox Dollars will automatically track your time and reward you at the end of every video.

You can withdraw the earned money through Cheque, PayPal, and gift cards. Get ready to make buckets of dollars by watching videos, so hurry up and register yourself now.

5.Launch Your Product and Make $100 a Day

That’s a great idea to introduce your product to the market and start earning thousands of dollars. First of all, you need to choose a product that has a bestselling ratio in the online market. Then develop an e-commerce store and hire some SEO experts to rank in Google. In this way, you will start getting customers online. People will start purchasing your product and this way you will earn extra dollars from online business.

For example, you have launched a brand of T-shirts for both males and females. The price of one T-shirt will be at last $50 and let suppose the manufacturing cost on a single piece of shirt is $20. It means you will get a $30 commission on every sale. If 40 people will buy this product in a day so you will earn $1200 easily per day.

Requirements of this business

  • High-quality product
  • Investment
  • An attractive E-commerce store
  • SEO Experts
  • Consistent hard work and patience

6.Start Your Personal Blog

For a beginner, it is much profitable and easy to create your own blog. I personally prefer you to start a blog because it needs less investment of both money and time. Firstly, you need to choose a niche that has less competition and provide your maximum benefits. Then arrange a hosting plan and domain name to launch your product. Secondly, if you want to make average money then start uploading content related to topics like traveling, health tips, education, etc. But if you want to generate hundreds of dollars on daily basis then create a review site and start promoting affiliate products on it.

According to my research if your blog starts getting huge traffic then you can easily make 5K-7K dollars per month. Still, if you want to boost your revenue then attach an AdSense account with your blog. It means you will start earning from both Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing.

Personally, I am earning 8K dollars every month from affiliate marketing and Google AdSense. So don’t waste your time and start earning money online. If you want to know how to start a blog in detail then click here.

7. Freelancing

A person who has excellent skills related to any niche can sell their services on freelancing websites. It’s the best choice for a person who wants to earn money by sitting at home but you need some skill to work on these platforms. As a beginner freelancer, you have to work hard for building a better portfolio. No, doubt every work demands time and some patience. So if you have skills like Graphic designing, SEO, Web Development, Android Development, Article Writing, Virtual Assistance, Data entry then you can make 100 dollars easily from a single project. I have listed below the best freelancing platforms suggested by most freelancers.

  1. Fiverr
  2. Upwork
  3. People per Hour

Register one of these websites and make an attractive gig or job proposal so you can start getting orders.

I have no skills, what I do?

This is the most common question asked by the peoples that I will not earn from freelancing because I have no skills. Don’t worry every problem has a solution in this world, so I will tell you the alternative way to earn money from freelancing.

At first, you have to find a person who has skills related to the jobs on freelancing websites. Tell him that I will provide you projects and after the completion of work you will get 80% earning of the project and the remaining 20% is mine. In this way, you will get 20% earnings from every project. If you have got a project worth $500 so you will take a 20% commission that is equal to $100. In this way, you can earn $100 a day without any skill so we can say that this is business.

Sign up now on these platforms and build a strong portfolio to start earning money online.

8.Make Your Own Course

If you are a teacher professionally or have any skill or knowledge then congratulations, you can earn thousands of dollars on monthly basis by sharing your knowledge. You can make your students worldwide and earn money by sharing your lectures.

What to do?

  • First of all, choose a topic in which you are specialized
  • Start recording videos for a complete course
  • Visit a famous online course provider site and sign up as a teacher
  • Upload all the videos of your course
  • Set a fixed price plan like 80$ or $100, it up to you
  • Hurry! Your earning will be starting soon

When your course starts getting people’s attention and traffic, then people start purchasing it. It means your course has much potential and contains excellent knowledge then it doubles the purchasing ratio. It means if 50 persons buy your course then you can easily make $5000 per week or month. Following are the most trusted and highly suggested websites that you need to join.

  1. Udemy
  2. Skillshare
  3. Podia
  4. Teachable

So join one of these websites now and share your knowledge to start making money online.

9.How To make $100 a Day By Typing?

People who love typing and want to earn $100 a day are perfect for this job. At this time an article or content writer is charging 10 cents to 30 cents per word that means if someone hires you to write an article of 1000 words then you can easily make $100 per article (10 Cents x 1000 Words = $100).

You can also contact a popular blog and offer them to write articles on their websites and charge them $100 or more as you want. Besides, you can also join a freelancing platform and create article writing gigs. When people start purchasing your gig then I hope you will make 4K-6K per month easily.

10.Get Paid For Shopping

Shopping is an essential need of every person, especially for females. You have visited different stores both online and offline, they also provide some discount offers to catch your attention. But, today I will share some incredible online stores that pay you for shopping. How fantastic it is, it means if you purchase something then you can get cashback from that store.

It is also the best way to earn money online but it needs a bit of investment in buying a good. Here are the following websites that provide you 100% cashback if you buy any product from the store.

First of all register on these websites or install an application on your smartphone. Login to your account and shop any product, when you purchase a product then the site automatically ad cash into your account. This is so cool! So sign up now and start earning money online.

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Margret Switzer

I am an experienced financial advisor and entrepreneur for the last 15 years. I have worked with multiple banks and business tycoons. I have started this blog to share different ideas to make money online by me and my experienced team. If you have any questions then feel free to contact me. Thanks!

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